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Welcome to my page on the ESU (English Speaking Union) Trip 2011!

In February 2011 I was able to travel around the US, visiting schools in different towns, learning a lot about the US educational system.

It was a great opportunity to meet all kinds of fantastic people, great teachers and hosts.

More importantly though, the ESU branches in the US welcomed and opened their houses to me, and I felt at home every step of the way.

I greatly appreciate the opportunity given to me by the ESU Argentina, and then by the ESU US!

I would also like to thank St. Andrew's Scots School and the Heads of School, who supported me on this trip, making it, in fact, possible at all!

From this page, you can choose to see my full itinerary in one page, a more detailed description of every city I visited (New York, Naples, Nashville and St. Louis), the maps with schools and all my pictures from the trip.

It's the people!

Before you embark on this reading, I would like to highlight what I think is the most important conclusion from this trip. Schools, resources, programs, exams or IT are all sitting on the backseat to the real driver of student's learning, the teacher. It sounds obvious, but how difficult it is to know beforehand if a given person will be a good teacher, even with a star resume! In the classroom you see the difference, clearly.
But in this trip I got much more than just seeing teachers in the US setting. I got to meet lots of people, my hosts, ESU members, teachers, friends that formed the core of my experience. I took with me conversations, ideas, perspectives and challenges from all those interactions, trying to hold on to them, writing them, putting them into practice in the classroom, keeping them in the back of my head until the time is ripe to use them. 
That has been the most valuable aspect of the trip, the people I met and the interactions I had with them. Don't get me wrong, I saw great buildings and ideas, fantastic landscapes and new cities I did not know before, and I'm grateful for seeing them, but the fundamental, the core, was the people. 

I would specially like to thank Alice Uhl for organizing the itinerary for me.
And my fantastic hosts! Joy and Bill in Naples, Bill in Nashville, the Stewarts and the Lewingtons in St. Louis, I'm in debt to them. They were fantastic, welcoming me in to their houses and taking care of me all along. I believe they went beyond their call of duty to make me feel at home!

And to everyone else I happened to meet on the way, thank you for a wonderful experience!